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April 20th, 2018

Update on Apollo 18 And Final Destination 5 Release Dates

Bad news was spread fast as APOLLO 18 had its April release date yanked from under its feet and unceremoniously dropped to a January 2012 release. Well I’m here to spread a bit of good news for the ALIEN meets PARANORMAL ACTIVITY horror movie that APOLLO 18 is now slated for an August 26, 2011 release. Sure it’s later than the original April date but at least it’s still not too far off.

Also, in slightly less exciting news, FINAL DESTINATION 5 (or 5NAL DESTINATION if you are into the number-title stuff) has also made the cut for a slight release change. The sequel will now open on August 12, 2011 and shift out of the August 26th spot that APOLLO 18 now inhabits. If your a FINAL DESTINATION fan then high fives all around. I liked the first two and lost complete interest after the third one.

Sound off below on your thoughts on the FINAL DESTINATION series or speculation on how good or bad APOLLO 18 will be.


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