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May 21st, 2018

TRON: Legacy Movie Review

I have a strong attraction to amazing special effects, adventure and great musical scores as much as any fan of film. There usually comes a time that my love for spectacular special effects overrides a lot of my problems with certain movies, such is the case for TRON: LEGACY. My excitement for TRON: LEGACY was not high and I did not have that much desire to ever see it, but low and behold, the day came and I sat down and watched the film beginning to end. Surprisingly enough I found myself very immersed in the film despite some reservations on the length of the film and some of the acting.

Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund) is in search of his father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who has since gone missing after he had previously told his Sam about a digital world he had discovered and wanted to show him. When Sam is given information that his father sent a page from an old arcade he goes to investigate and is accidentally beamed into a spectacular digital world known as, The Grid. Sam then meets a cloned version of his father named Clu, who has since taken control of the world and is focused on finding Kevin in order to obtain what he needs to cross over into the human world.

I definitely attribute well over half of my enjoyment of TRON: LEGACY to the visuals and score. The score amplified the mood of the film once you enter The Grid and had me pinned to the events despite any disconnects I had along the way. It’s the kind of score you dream about for a film like this that deals with technology in the way it does. I found the music created a mostly dark and moody atmosphere within the world of The Grid while adding to the excitement of the action sequences.

Speaking of action, I loved what was there; I just wish that there was more of it. I particularly loved the light cycles and the disc wars and would have gladly traded the extended sequences of dialogue for some more scenes of the games within The Grid. The light cycle sequence will stand out as my absolute favorite because I was pinned to my seat watching all these beautiful visuals on screen. My disappointment comes in when I start feeling like they focused way more on the long sequences of dialogue that I wasn’t totally into. There were moments that I found the story very interesting and effective and others where I couldn’t believe how ridiculous it had gotten. Luckily, more often than not I was fully invested in the experience.

My only other complaint is some of the acting, it wasn’t always embarrassingly bad, but I found that there were some pretty terrible lines of dialogue that seemed fit for a stoner comedy than for a film like this. I’ve been enjoying Jeff Bridges more and more over the years and this is easily my least favorite of his performances. Garrett Hedlund has flashes of being a pretty good actor and other times his facial expressions and line delivery are very bland and emotionless.

I’d be lying if I said I absolutely loved TRON: LEGACY, but I have no regret in saying that I enjoyed it way more than my complaints would indicate. Had the performances been of a higher quality, the length be trimmed and included a little more of the fantastic action and visuals I would be able to report my mind being blown. As it stands though, my eyes were in a trance while watching TRON: LEGACY while failing at being as stimulating to the brain. I would have no problem recommending the film however, because the score and the visuals are the reason I love movies and on that alone TRON: LEGACY excels in spectacular fashion.

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  1. Barterreview

    This is another great movie. Jeff Bridges is supreme

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