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June 17th, 2018

New Thor Movie Clip Features Hawkeye

Below you can checkout a brand new clip for the upcoming THOR movie which features Thor going head to head with Hawkeye. Hawkeye is also going to be featured in the upcoming Avengers movie which is being released in 2012. This is clearly one of those easter egg tie ins that we fans love to see so much.

In the Avengers movie Hawkeye is going to be played by Jeremy Renner who starred in The Hurt Locker and The Town but for THOR they clearly are using an unknown actor ( or so it seems from the clip ) and not really showing his face. Maybe I am wrong but we will find out in May if Jeremy Renner is in THOR or just somebody else playing a masked Hawkeye.


  1. Yeahright

    you call that going “head to head”?! seriously? um, okay. and how could you rule out that being Renner? you seen him cloaked and in shadow for all of 2 seconds….

  2. Munch

    Pause it on his face that guys black so its not hawkeye because renner is white.

  3. Mike Rodman

    Black? Seriously? That was a white man and was clearly Jeremy Renner. If you look up Thor on IMDB he’s even credited as playing the part. Do some research people. As far as “battling” Thor, that’s b.s. He takes aim and never fires. No battle here.

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