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May 20th, 2018

Source Code Movie Review

If you are Duncan Jones and your last film MOON is one of the greatest sci-fi films of the last 10 years where do you go from there? Most directors who make a smash hit genre film are not exactly in a hurry to revisit the genre because much like James Wan and his new film Insidious us die hard fans will just compare their latest work to their first big smash hit.

Duncan Jones clearly is not afraid to revisit the genre that made him famous since his second movie is once again a sci-fi thriller and this weekend I headed out to check it out and give you my humble verdict. Does Duncan Jones’s Source Code live up to MOON? Is it another low rent sci-fi film? Duncan Jones Source Code is no Moon but it definitely is another fantastic journey down the road to sci-fi adventures with Duncan Jones distinct hands on the wheel.

To give you a bit of an overlook on my personal tastes when it comes to sci-fi movie tastes the last three sci-fi films I saw and truly loved were District 9, Moon and Pandorum. So as you can see I like a good script but I am also not adverse to a good old action-scifi-horror flick like Pandorum.

Source Code stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan and is about Captain Colter Stevens who wakes up on a Chicago commuter train and has no idea where he is and how he managed to get from flying attack chopper missions in Afghanistan to riding a train in Chicago. Little does he know that train is doomed and he will be the key to solving the riddle that is the Source Code and unlocking much more than just a tragic train ride.

With Source Code Duncan Jones goes back to the genre that has made him famous and proves firmly to fans that he is no one hit wonder. With Source Code Duncan Jones has now delivered two back to back genre bending sci-fi thrillers that clearly put him on the map. Admittedly Source Code is not as mighty as his first film Moon but that is not saying much. Moon is a genre defining film and the fact that Source Code even comes close to that films magic is a huge statement. Moon was cinematic genius and Source Code is great cinema offering me exactly what I want, a sci-fi movie that entertains me with a plot like a spider web and plenty of depth to keep me thinking.

Source Code offers a complex story with multiple angles, deep science fiction elements and just enough glue holding it all to the real world to make it somewhat plausible. Add to this a talented cast and a polished look and feel that fits the film Source Code is easily the best sci-fi film of 2011. Admittedly that is small praise considering the limited competition it has had so far this year but other sci-fi releases for 2011 will be held up against Duncan Jones Source Code which delivers in every aspect of the word.

I am deliberately light on plot in this review because I do not want to give away any aspect of the film but it is safe to say if you loved MOON you will enjoy Source Code. If you were disappointed in Battle Los Angeles because you were looking for something deeper then now is your time. Head to theatres and be sure to check out the Source Code. It will entertain and thrill you and keep you pondering the outcome long after you leave the theatre.



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