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June 21st, 2018

Scream 4 Movie Review

If there is one thing that always worries me it is when a studio taps a director to take a franchise that has already run on far too long to take it one step further. When that franchise is Scream though and the director is Wes Craven it can cause me even more concern. Wes Craven is a legend of the horror genre and nothing short of an icon but his last two films Cursed and My Soul To Take were the definition of bad genre filmmaking. Add to that Scream has already had 3 films in the franchise with each getting progressively weaker what could Wes Craven possibly do to make Scre4m worth watching?

Dimension Films tapped him to reboot Scream and are planning to do a whole slew of new films and although I have no idea how they will do that having now seen Scream 4 I can say that I will be more than willing to wait and see.  Scream 4 has always been billed as a new decade, new rules and it’s safe to say that Wes Craven delivers exactly that with his latest instalment in the Scream Franchise. Is it as good as the original Scream? Hell no its not. Is it a positive entry in the Scream Franchise and better then Scream 3? Absolutely.

Scream 4 is a handful of cringing one liners, a pinch of stupid teenagers and a smidgen of obscure genre references and horror wise cracks that when put in the oven and baked by Wes Craven comes out as a fantastic teen horror film that both teens and die hard genre fans will find something to love about it. When a movie spews out horror genre jargon for a steady 2 minutes in the intro and then throws Saw 4 under the bus you can’t help but grinning and getting into the feel of things.

Wes Cravens Scream 4 is no Last House on the Left and frankly it’s not anywhere near as good as the original Scream but by bringing back the original cast, Sydney, Dewey, Gale and of course Ghost face and mixing it with a young cast of new comers that many teens today will recognize it packages up nicely as a fun 90’s throwback that will make you grin, chuckle, groan and yes… even occasionally laugh.

Scream 4 is a fantastic expenditure of your allowance or in my case my weekend beer money and proves once again why Wes Craven is a Master of Horror and a legend of the genre. This firmly washes away my disgust over Cursed and My Soul To Take. My hat is off to you Mr Craven a job well done mixing classic horror culture with teen horror and delivering it in a format that just about everyone can enjoy and appreciate. 8 out of 10



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