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May 26th, 2018

Early Thor Reviews

It has not taken long for early review of the upcoming Marvel film THOR to hit the web. Thor will hit theatres on May 6th and so far the consensus from the reviews online is a mixed bag but for the most part positive. I myself was quite leary of THOR as a feature film but will admit that great casting and a good director combined with an excellent trailer have won me over to the point where I am exited to go see the film. The trade papers have nice things to say about the film but fan sites and online blogs have been more frank in their views towards the Marvel comic book adaptation

Variety says that Kenneth Branagh delivers a Shakesperean dimension to a film that is sure to reap big numbers at the box office through its built in comic book fan base. They do however go on to say that the film might have a hard time drawing in fans who are not as familiar with the THOR character as they are say Batman, Iron Man or even The Hulk. Variety calls it a mix of kick butt conflict with celestial dimensions with a heavy investment on dramatic passages. To me that translates as an action packed comic book movie with a bit more depth then you might expect.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Thor is a noisy, universe rattling spectacle full of sound and fury and solid digital effects that is at times kitschy but is a befitting film for the god of thunder. It combines just enough comic book lore to impress the diehard comic book fans but again speculates on whether none comic book fans will be drawn to or appreciate this film.

Collider in their review on the other hand is not as impressed with Thor writing that the post production 3D was poorly done and that the film lacked any real depth. They also go out of their way to point out that they are fans of 3D post-production in particular the way it was used in Green Hornet so for them to be fans of post production 3d ( which I am not ) and to say bad things about the 3D in THOR is not a good sign. Summed up Collider feels it had poor 3d and little depth.

IGN writes in their review that Thor is definitely not a game changing comic book movie but is a solid and entertaining film that takes what could have been a very campy movie and makes it dramatic and relatable for the film goer. They say it combines as the trade reviews have indicated just enough comic book lore and campy humour to please the diehard fans and also possibly draw in newcomers to the film.

Hitfix in their review of Thor call it crazy and beautiful and packed full of action. They describe fight sequences that deliver an all new sense of power and force on screen as entire groups of superheroes go to war in an all out brawl. Hitfix says that Thor is a well staged and thought out action movie.

Slashfilm writes in their review that the film is exactly what you might expect with equal parts good and bad. They feel it will do well with a younger audience and the reviewer indicates that although he enjoyed the film he feels if he was 10 he would have loved the film! He goes on to say that although he enjoyed it, it is certainly no Iron Man and falls a few steps short of other Marvel films.

So the consensus at this point appears to be that the film is a hit with mainstream film critics, and liked by online film critics but has its flaws. At this point it seems Thor is a must see but we will have to wait and see as more reviews arrive in. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.


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