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May 20th, 2018

Writer Hired For Robocop Reboot

Robocop RemakeROBOCOP is a movie I remember watching at a really young age and since it has always made an impression on me. I had the chance to rewatch it recently and the effects don’t stand up incredibly well and it was way cheesier than I remembered so I am not completely opposed to the news of a reboot. Today it was announced that Josh Zetumer has been hired to write the reboot with Jose Padllha sitting in the director’s chair. Zetumer is relatively unknown so it should be interesting to see how the script turns out as there will be lots of eager eyes and ears focused on the project.

ROBOCOP is the story of a cop who is killed in the line of duty and his body is selected for a project that brings him back to life in a high tech robotic suit designed to uphold the law. What are your thoughts on the choice of writer and the reboot in general?

Via: /Film, Deadline


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