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April 19th, 2018

Star Wars Intro Done Hawaii Five-O Style

May the Force be with you Danno! The things that fanboys will do never ceases to amaze me. The latest piece of awesome sauce created by an overzealous and talented fan of Star Wars is the Star Wars intro done Hawaii Five-O style.

Check it out below its sure to make you chuckle. The creator CapNJ Writes the following about his creation;

A ‘what if’ project solving the mystery as to what Star Wars might have looked like had it been something like a cool weekly cop show in the vein of Hawaii Five-O. I attempted to match this as close to the original classic 1968 shows intro and characters as possible (which is why Carrie didn’t get a credit, but fills in for the memorable sexy Hawaiian girl). This was another random Star Wars project I had done that since finishing it had been laying around and forgotten about. After finding it I figured I would just post it.

Two words.. Bad Ass!


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