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June 20th, 2018

Resident Evil 5 Release Date

The internet is on fire with news that Resident Evil 5 has finally got a release date. No idea on the original source but multiple online outlets are reporting that Resident Evil 5 will be released into theatrs September 14th 2012.

We already knew that  a sequel to Resident Evil Afterlife 3D was coming since the director Paul WS Anderson and cast were talking about it shortly after the 4th film hit theaters. I am a huge fan of the first Resident Evil movie and found the follow ups to be either complete crap or passable at best.

I can however say that I was very impressed with Resident Evil Afterlife and how they carefully used the 3D as an element of the story and not just a reason to toss things at the theater goers. Basically I am saying not like they did in Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland and Piranha 3d.

There is no question the 5th film will be in 3d, Milla Jovovich will be back but will Paul WS Anderson direct? My guess is yes.


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