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April 19th, 2018

Another Red State Poster Auctioned For A Good Cause

Kevin Smith began touring his new movie RED STATE at the beginning of March and is still taking it around into April [Kansas City Tour Stop Overview w/Pictures]. The film isn’t due to open wider until October 19th but he has been releasing short clips here and there and auctioning off posters for charity to various websites. Today’s poster went to Film Threat who donated with some help from other Twitter folks to the Red Cross in efforts to help the people Japan and the recent earthquake/tsunami disasters. They also got a bit of extra money to help with The Wayne Foundation which a cause dedicated to putting an end to child rape. Both of these are great causes and Film Threat as well as anyone else donating money to them deserve props for the good they are doing as well as Kevin Smith for using the goodies from his new film to get extra eyes opening to the causes as well as matching the winning donation.

Below you’ll see the new poster for Kevin Smith’s RED STATE [Review Here]. The film in short is about three teens who go into the woods to find sex and instead find God. The poster below features Stephen Root who plays a sheriff in the movie. Also starring is Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo, Michael Parks, John Goodman, Kyle Gallner, Nicholas Braun and Michael Angarano. The film will open wider on October 19th but head over HERE to buy tickets for the tour at a venue nearest to you to see it before then. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the poster below!

Red State Sheriff Poster


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