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March 28th, 2015

New Poster For [Rec] Genesis

A new poster has surfaced for the third entry in the [REC] series, entitled [REC] GENESIS. The third entry is said to be shot from a different perspective but from the same events of the first two films and is from director Paco Plaza.

The poster is very simple and while I don’t hate it, it looks very reminiscent of what you’d see out of a Resident Evil videogame. The eye looks cool and I did the dedication to the style of the first two films. I loved the first [REC] slightly more than it’s American re imagining, QUARANTINE and I have not seen the sequel yet, but I look forward to doing so. Dig on the poster for [REC] GENESIS below!

Via: Twitch Film

New Poster For [Rec] Genesis

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  1. sean kyle rosales

    is this resident evil

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