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December 15th, 2018

Mermaids Gone Wild In New Poster for Pirates of the Caribbean

I am not entirely sure what I think of the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean on Strangers Tide movie but admittedly the trailers and clips have not let me down yet. Considering the entire film franchise is based off a kids ride at Disney world its turned into one hell of a franchise.

Below you can checkout a brand new poster from the film featuring my favorite ocean dwelling creatures, hot looking mermaids. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 features the most feared pirate of all time, Black Beard, flesh eating zombies, Mermaids and a quest of epic proportions.

As far as more Pirates of the Caribbean movies go fear not at least one more is in the works. In December Disney hired Terry Rossio to write a 5th film and if Johnny Depp is willing that film will move ahead shortly after On Strangers Tides hits theaters.

Pirate Mermaids Poster


  1.  The Poster seems nice but it seemed to affect the caliber of the film. The mermaids are a bit 3D and less realistic. 

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