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May 24th, 2019

Megan Fox Passion Play Photo is Sexy & Familiar

Passion Play debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and for the most part it got rave reviews. I was expecting that it would at some point get a theatrical release but it seems that is not to be. The film will instead be dumped directly to DVD. We have our hands on a new photo from Passion Play featuring Megan Fox in an all to familiar light. Low cut top, push up bra and lots of sexuality. Megan Fox it seems has been pegged into the eye candy role as has been shown with Transformers, Jonah Hex and Jennifers Body.

Hopefully her role in Passion Play can offer more then just eye candy. Passion Play stars Mickey Rourke, Bill Murray and Megan Fox. In the film Megan Fox plays a ‘bird girl’ at the circus who is under the thumb of a dangerous gangster and is rescued by a trumpet player played by Mickey Rourke.

Megan Fox Sexy Passion Play Photo

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  1. Megan Fox is still so beautiful and sex

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