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May 23rd, 2018

Marcus Nispel’s Conan The Barbarian Remake Poster

I am not entirely sold on the need for a Conan the Barbarian remake but admittedly Marcus Nispel is the right director for the job. He showed that he could bring this type of world to life with his gritty period piece Pathfinder. Whether this remake will pan out at the box office and with fans is yet to be seen.

Below from IGN you can checkout the motion poster for the film which was just released. Conan the Barbarian is the tale of Conan the Cimmerian and his adventures across the continent of Hyboria on a quest to avenge the murder of his father and the slaughter of his village. As notes its directed by Marcus Nispel and stars Jason Momoa, Ron Perlman and Rose McGowan



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