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May 24th, 2018

Hatchet 3 Officially Announced

Adam Green has spearheaded two HATCHET films that drew a very bloodthirsty fan base that loved and embraced Victor Crowley as a horror icon. Today, it was announced that Dark Sky Films gave the greenlight to HATCHET 3 because of the strong DVD and VOD sales of HATCHET II [Review Here]. No word on if Adam Green will be returning to the director’s chair.

According to Variety the film will pick up where the 2nd left off,SPOILER as Marybeth gets revenge on Victor Crowley as she had set out to do in the beginning /SPOILER. It will also continue the story of Crowley also known as the “Bayou Butcher.”

I’m a fan of the HATCHET films; more for the creative and over the top kills than for any other reason, so I look forward, reluctantly, to the continuation of the series. I’ll be a little less worried about it’s future should Adam Green sign back on to direct, but I’m intrigued nonetheless. What are your thoughts on the HATCHET films as well as the upcoming HATCHET 3?


  1. Mr_j_55

    Hatchet 2 was awful, Hatchet 3 will probably be even worse

  2. Julius Gryphon

    Bring back Danielle Harris and I’m there!

  3. Brandi

    i love the hatchet movies but thet wont give me enough infornation bout the third one..

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