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May 25th, 2018

The Expendables 2 Getting a New Director

The Expendables is a great movie but admittedly its a popcorn flick. Lots of action, a slew of bad ass characters and lots of testosterone made it a fun flick for us lads. We have known for a while now that a sequel is in the works and that Bruce Willis and Stallone will return but now we learn from 24Frames that Sylvester Stallone will not direct the sequel.

He is in talks with various directors to take over the helm of the sequel.  I am not sure the film has enough depth to warrant a sequel but if done right I will for sure be there to see it. The interesting part will be to see just how much involvement Arnold Schwarzenegger will have now that he has announced his return to the movies.

We know that he is working on a new comic book character and is also interested in doing another Predators and Terminator movie so perhaps Stallone can give him a key role in Expendables 2. [ Expendables Movie Review ]


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