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May 23rd, 2018

Christopher Nolan to Direct Blade Runner Sequel?

Blade Runner SequelTalk about a huge news item. Christopher Nolan has gone from talented indie filmmaker to blockbuster maker with the reboot of The Dark Knight and it seems he may be given the helm of a remake one of the greatest scifi films ever made.

ReelComix is reporting that Christopher Nolan is in talks with Alcon Entertainment a division of Warner Brothers to direct the sequel to Blade Runner. I am a huge fan of Blade Runner and frankly could not think of a better director to helm the project. If Nolan directs and brings his writing team to the project we could see another great franchise come to life.

As part of Alcon Entertainment taking on the project they are not just planning a sequel but are reportedly also looking to do some prequels. Normally I am against long overdue sequels but I think the material works and a sequel could deliver some long wanted resolution for fans. What are your thoughts on this?


  1. John

    Christopher Nolan is overrated and a Blade Runner sequel is a terrible idea.

    • Anonymous

      Do you think that Christopher Nolan gets us much credit as he does because of the writing on his films?

  2. Helvpr

    Blade Runner is a one of a kind film that stands best on its own. It was such a success because it was so ahead of it’s time. Making a prequel or sequel at this point would make some money because people would be curious about the direction of the story like but it wouldnt have the same hype as the original.

    • Anonymous

      Hard to say but good feedback. I think that Nolans involvement will draw in a younger new audience and still please us older die hards.

  3. Die Hard

    I want Ridley Scott directing this picture.

  4. Edwardcreter

    I’m interested in how Mr. Nolan will take Blade Runner’s story. The Batman movies, while not perfect, have a unique Ridley-esque visual style. Gotham City resembles LA 2019 it hurts!!!

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