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April 25th, 2018

Charlie Sheen Fired

Charlie Sheen FiredI wondered how long it would take Warner brothers to deal with 2 and a half men and the Charlie Sheen situation and I guess they have had enough. Warner Brothers has released a statement saying that effective immediately Charlie Sheen has been fired.

This comes after many interviews where Charlie Sheen has made statements about the studio the show and its producers which we will not repeat here. His latest was creating a Ustream and Twitter account where he shared some interesting comments which again we wont repeat here. I think you can figure out what was said if you read or listen to any mainstream news.

Charlie Sheen was being paid $2million and his response to being fired was that its very good news and he looked forward to sueing. No word on whether the show will continue or not. What are your thoughts on this entire sad story? I for one wish I had a TV show or any job for that matter that paid me $2million PER episode.

Charlie sheen has teemed up with an LA advertising firm that not only got him on twitter but are also reporting that he will easily make $1million from endorsements this year. Basically he tweets a product and cashes in just for doing it. As of writing this Charlie Sheen has 2,140,000 twitter friends which is staggering considering the short period of time he has been on twitter.

The question is if he tweets ‘Drink Coke not Pepsi’ will you?  I for one would tend to do the complete opposite of whatever Sheen says and frankly feel that most of his followers are following him to see what he says next not to support or endorse him in some way. But you tell me… do you follow Sheen? If so why?


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