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May 22nd, 2018

Battle Los Angeles Movie Review

Hey Michael Bay it looks like you got some competition in your favorite genre to produce, the only thing missing in Battle Los Angeles is stupid one liners and Megan Fox!

Luke saw Battle Los Angeles and already shared with you all his review which got quite a reaction from you all. Luke and I do not always agree on films but we are still blogging buddies so even though he has already shared his review I wanted to check it out and review it myself because admittedly I am a sucker for a good space alien invasion flick. I am happy to report that Battle Los Angeles fulfilled my expectations. Cinematic magic it is not but a good old fashioned American Kick Ass story it is.

Battle: Los Angeles is directed by Jonathan Liebesman and written by Scott Silver and Christopher Bertolini. The movie stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Pena and Bridget Moynahan and is summed up best as Black Hawk Down meets War of the Worlds as unholy space invaders come to earth to unleash hell on the inhabitants of Los Angeles and 19 other major cities around the globe.

Battle Los Angeles will not win any awards and a lot of the scenes are typical and cliché but that does not take away from the fact that Battle Los Angeles is a good old gun slinging time as a small band of Marines battle their way through and out of Los Angeles as an alien force literally brings the world to its knees. It very much reminds me of Black Hawk Down with its look and feel only rather than Somalia this war is taking place in the heart of LA and its not intoxicated Somali gunman but rather an advanced army from the outer reaches of space crafted for the purpose of harvesting planets and making war. Marines are bad asses and in this movie they run head long into a hardened war machine that tests their mettle and shows their true inner colors and strength.

Aaron Eckhart absolutely shines in this film and is what makes this movie stand out as so much more than just another alien invasion movie. It’s not an original concept as its been done time and time again but unlike films like Will Smiths Independence Day Battle Los Angeles takes a straight and hard look at the grunts on the ground who fend off the invaders at great risk and ultimate sacrifice. Although not the tightest or most interesting script Aaron’s clear and obvious talent take this great action flick one step above.

Battle Los Angeles is action packed and about as close to a Michael Bay movie as we are going to get until Transformers 3 hits theatres. If you liked Black Hawk Down, enjoyed War of The Worlds or are a fan of alien invasion movies then Battle Los Angeles will not let you down.

A closer comparison would be to talk about Skyline. I liked Skyline and allot of you crapped all over me for it but for those of you who felt Skyline a bit slow paced and overly melodramatic you will definitely enjoy Battle Los Angeles. Action packed plenty of tough guy marine routines and absolute carnage is floor to ceiling in this film from Jonathon Liebesman. For somebody whose only big claim to fame as a director is a remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre he did one hell of a great job bringing sci-fi action to the big screen in a fashion that would do even Michael Bay proud.  A definite must see for action-sci-fi junkies.


  1. Battle Los Angeles: Big Brother’s Latest Big Budget Brainwasher

    Yesterday we used a gift card to go and see the new “Battle: Los Angeles” flick, a psyops collaboration between Pentagon war profiteers and TinselTown CGI geeks in which a Few Good Men accompanied by a couple of forgettable kids and hotbody has-beens Hoo-Rah their way from product placement to product placement in what is no doubt the first installment of a perpetual war for our planet’s most precious resource (in this script water, not oil). Aside from making millions for Hollywood movie moguls, the purpose of this propaganda piece is to reverse the American military’s real-world role as a resource aggressor and, during the suspension of disbelief, imprint on the minds of the audience that sacrificing our sons and daughters if not ourselves in an endless and ever-expanding war for riches and resource control is an honorable thing to do if not a patriotic obligation.

  2. Memoriescandle

    it’s totally stupid movie

  3. Alakbobbom

    total waste…f the movie…they need to pay others to go c the crap

  4. Johnericlora1824

    this is the movie makes me fell good and i want to prove to the world that i am the greatest fighter…..hahahahahaha watch this full movie, below

  5. Hubs

    i have never seen such a stupid movie like this

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