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August 2nd, 2015

Avengers Movie Poster

I am but a lowly blogger and at least once a week I am reminded of just how talented some people are. Case and point is shown once again with this brand new Avengers Movie poster which you can checkout below.

I have seen alot of really good fan made movie posters over the years and it is quite rare to find a fan made poster that doesn’t look just that fan made. This Avengers movie poster created by TheMadButcher is easily one of the top 10 fan made movie posters I have ever seen.

Avengers Movie Postetr


  1. was spiderman never part of the avengers?

  2.  Fan Made huh, Amazing… its a genuine talent that needs further refinements.Everything in it seems to be so perfect as it is.   

  3. Richkid

    Jesus! thought this was for real..

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