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June 19th, 2018

9 Spectacular Fan Made Dark Knight Rises Posters

Time and time again fans and talented digital artists prove that they can generate creative and inspiring posters for feature films that in some cases rival those of the studio and in other cases quite simply put them to shame. Over the last year or so we have seen some truly fantastic fan posters for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises and in many cases we had no idea where they originated.

This week I took alot of time to find and locate what I consider to be some of the best Dark Knight Rises posters, with who made them and share them with you all.

This first poster is designed by Augustine and although I am not sure what the connection is with the city blocks on fire and The Dark Knight rising it is still an excellent poster which leaves you asking questions. If a poster makes you think its a sign of a truly creative piece of poster art and Augustine’s definitely does that.

This next poster for ShokxOne caught my eye quite a few weaks ago but up until now I have not found time to share it with you all. This poster is not only visually impressive it has so many fantastic little easter eggs tied into it.  Not only is it visually impressive he tries to capture the same viral magic of the original Dark Knight posters. He writes the following about his top notch poster design;

I had an image in mind of the bat symbol assembled from shards of broken glass – possibly a prophetic vision of how Chris Nolan will open The Dark Knight Rises…but likely not. In any case, I built on that thought to make this image, of Batman viewed through a hole in a smashed window, looking out into a brighter day against the cold gray of Gotham (the first two films were seemingly color-coded sepia and blue, so maybe the third will be in gray tones to symbolize the “shades of gray” that represent the justice system…but I’m getting ahead of things again).

The broken glass effect was made by scanning pieces of plastic wrap, then using select portions of those scans. Tiring stuff.

Also, the text underneath the release date is the words “Riddle me this, riddle me that” printed backwards. They’ve already said Riddler won’t be in the movie, so really it’s just my nod to the The Dark Knight’s brilliant viral marketing campaign.

There is nothing not to love about this fantastic poster!

The poster below designed by Contengen is not new to our site. I first shared it with you all about a year ago but now we actually know who made this master piece. Simple, and to the point it came out back when their was very heavy rumors that this final installment of Nolan’s Batman would see The Riddler re-introduced as a villain.

The poster for Dark Knight Rises made by TheMadButcher is a new one for me. I found this one after admiring his absolutely killer Avengers movie posters. I love the Wayne Industries building, the crowds and Batman up on a ledge, what does it all mean? I dont know but I like it!

Ever since Anne Hathaway was announced as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman I have been excited to see what this girl next door beauty will do with the role. I am clearly not alone as SomeSayMisery has made a Dark Knight Rises fan poster featuring her which is one of the best around.

The Bane poster below is not new to our site but what is new is I finally figured out who made this masterpiece. I am pretty sure this is an image from Wrestlemaniac that has been photoshopped into Bane but its not relevant. The poster is easily one of my favorites featuring one of the most bad ass Batman villains of all time BANE! Tom Hardy will have his hands full with this role but he proved with Bronson he can pull it off and talented artist Ryan Luckoo deserves mad props for this masterpiece.

The Dark Knight Rises, Bane

It was recently announced that Joseph Gordon Levitt would play The Holiday Killer in The Dark Knight Rises and it took fan and graphic artist Heatone very little time to produce a simple yet effective poster featuring The Holiday Killer and dear old dad.

These last two fan posters for Dark Knight Rises also feature Anne Hathaway as Catwoman but unfortunately I have no clue who made them. They were originally found on ReelComix and despite trying to use the power of google and scouring deviant art I am unable to locate the creator. If you know let me know by leaving a comment. These two posters are creative, well thought out and also some of my favorites.

Have you seen and admired some fantastic comic book fan posters for Dark Knight or any other film? Leave a comment with a link so we can check it out. If you like the work of these artists please visit their sites and look at all the other fantastic designs they have done and if your looking to hire a poster designer you now have the contact info for 7 that can clearly get the job done!


  1. Rob

    Wow, these are top notch! I’d have never guessed they weren’t actual studio releases.

  2. nikgrid

    Love the Bane poster! here’s the guy who did the Catwoman image, if you want to check out more of his art.


  3. Nate

    Check out the work seen here! O_o

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