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June 20th, 2018

Walking Dead Season 2 Gets New Writers!

When the producers of Walking Dead fired its writers from Season 1 there was a huge hush that fell across the internet as fans feared what the future would hold for Walking Dead. The writers on Season 1 were all Freelance writers and after word broke that the writers were fired producer Gale Anne Hurd told Entertainment Weekly there was no truth at least to the #2 man in charge of the writing team being fired. Writing Executive producer Charles “Chic” Eglee left to work on his own project and was not fired or let go.

Frank reportedly was going to try and write the entire Season 2 of Walking Dead himself since he wrote 2 episodes of the 6 episode first season and was rumored to have done alot of the work on the other 4 episodes. Today however it seems things are changing as Deadline is reporting that Walking Dead Season 2 has brought on a new Executive Writing Producer Glen Mazzara and they are putting together an entire crew of writers for the new season.  Seems that Frank Darabont who is not just the creator but also doing writing and directing duties is just to busy to write a 13 episode season.

Frankly I think its a smart move bringing in Glen Mazzara to oversee Walking Dead Season 2. Its one thing to do 6 episodes but to expand and deliver on 13 heart pounding episodes you need a strong and varied team of writers and it looks like AMC and the producers are doing just that.

No doubt Frank Darabont will have final say and his stamp of approval on the entire second season and that combined with a strong writing team will make this new season all that much better! It is still not clear when Walking Dead Season 2 will hit the small screen on AMC. Early rumors had it coming in July but I think its a safe bet to say that it will end up coming out sometime in October since the writing team isnt even assembled yet and that leaves very little time to put together the episodes.

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    I don’t underhand your article. Frank is gone. And it’s coming back in February.

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