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January 21st, 2019

Superman Squaring Off Against Female Villain

General Zod, UrsulaEarlier in the week we told you that three super hot starlets were in talks to star in Zack Snyders Superman Man of Steel and that it would not be the role of Lois Lane. There is also some question whether Lois will even appear in the film. Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike are vying to fill a leading female role and no its not Lana Lane… its Ursa according to LatinoReview.

Those of you who are Superman fans know who Ursa is without it being explained and it is also not her first appearance in the Superman movies. She already showed up with General Zod in Richard Donner’s Superman 2.

The tricky part in this exclusive from LatinoReview is that Zack Snyder has already said that General Zod will not be in Superman. Directors do however flip flop all the time but I am hoping that Zack Snyder can at least bring some level of creativity and not recycle a villain of old.

Lets see him be ballsy and bring in a real villain like Darkseid or Brainiac! Who would you like to see play the villain in the upcoming Superman Man of Steel Movie?

Photos below of these incredibly gorgeous women.

Rosamund Pike from Doom

Rosamund Pike SuperMan

Alice Eve ( no idea what movie this is from but she is clearly gorgeous and works out )

Alice eve Looking Hot!

Diane Kruger in TROY


  1. Captain_Obvious

    Its URSA without Zod?

    And one of the 3 latest ones pulls out. These casting agencies needs to get lives when spreading rumors.

    • Anonymous

      ahh but its good press even if its not completely true. The actresses names hit every news site within 24 hours raising their profile. If i was an agent I would spread the same lies! :)

  2. Dan

    Rosamund Pike is too good for this comic book douchebaggery. Even though she was in doom.

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