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May 20th, 2018

Stephen Kings The Stand Movie Trilogy Coming

Stephen Kings The Stand is one of my favorite books of his and frankly is also one of the few made for TV Mini Series that really worked. Alot of his books have been adapated to film and TV and alot of them have been frightening dissapointments. The Stand held up though and is to this day one of my favorite mini series. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting exclusively that CBS and Warner Brothers are going to adapt The Stand into a feature film. Warner Brothers is sitting down this week to try and find writers and a director to give a fresh new take on the source material.

One of the items up for discussion is whether it will be one movie or a new trilogy of films like the plans with The Dark Tower movie. Frankly I do not see how you can fit something like The Stand into one film and I also doubt the studio even wants to. A trilogy lines the pockets nicer then a single film. The original mini series aired in 1994 and starred Gary Sinise and Molly Ringwald and is the story of a world wiped clean of life save a few survivors after a lethal plague is unleashed. Stephen King is having quite a renewal as of late. Luke pointed out back in December that Hollywood is working onFirestarter & Maximum Overdrive Remakes. The trailer for the original ‘The Stand’ ┬áis below;


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