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January 20th, 2019

Prime Minister Responds to CRTC Bandwith Uproar

Its been a good week for Canadians… kinds of. First we all got ourselves in an uproar over the CRTC’s new ruling to allow telecom companies to charge us for bandwith. In my view punishing those of us who dont want their cable/satellite service and are instead opting for Netflix and or Video on Demand services.

The uproar has been intense and well deserved as people start getting ugly bills in the mail that they would never have gotten before. Yesterday Tony Clement the MP for industy posted a response to the CRTC uproar and today the Prime Minster has sounded off.

The Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper took to twitter today and tweeted a response to everyone on the whole CRTC mess. He tweeted

“We’re very concerned about CRTC’s decision on usage-based billing and its impact on consumers,” “I’ve asked for a review of the decision.”

This is very good news and if you want to let Harper know  what you think of this and the fact we support his review and hopefully eventual overturning of this evil new practice tweet him @pmharper. Quite frankly I have never voted conservative but if Stephen Harper kills this evil new rule I will give him my vote. Is he buying my vote? Hell yes he is but I can not believe I am being forced into giving up Netflix and alot of other online streaming content just because the telecom companies in Canada dont want me to. If you have no idea what this uproar is even all about take a minute and read our article on the new CRTC Rules on Bandwith Usage and also read the user comments you will get some really good info from both.


  1. Tangotang123

    Bravo Mr. Harper! Great move. ‘Definitely the most under-rated of PMs Canada has had in a while.

    • Anonymous

      ive never been a fan of any politician since they always flip flop to suit the need of the day but if Harper does the right thing here I will vote for him.

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