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March 24th, 2018

Netflix Alternative for Europe

A user by the name of Andreatis posted on our site earlier in the day asking a good question about what sort of services Netflix offers in Europe. Here in Canada we just got the service ( which I reviewed ) and obviously the United States has been using the service for a very long time. Currently there are no legal ways to view Netflix in the US although there is talk you can get a VPN but I do not even want to go there.

If you like in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Denmark, Norway and Sweden you can use the LoveFilm service which was recently acquired by Amazon. This is great news since it could mean that potentially this service will explode and expand giving a Netflix like option for those in europe. If you are in France there are a variety of options but the one people seem to praise most is CineSnap. If you live in Europe and use a service like Netflix take a few minutes and leave some comments and help out our european compadres who lack Netflix but want a similar service. If you have used LoveFilm or Cinesnap leave some feedback on that service as well.

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