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May 26th, 2018

No Lois Lane in Superman Man of Steel, New Female Lead Talk

Well talk about interesting! Variety is reporting that three new ladies are in talks for the lead role opposite Henry Cavill who is playing Superman but the role wont be Lois Lane. This is an interesting move and not being a Superman buff I have no clue what love interest and or large female role they might be considering other then Lois Lane. Those of you who do know let me know in the comments.

Variety reports that Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder are considering Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike for the female lead role which wont be Lois Lane but otherwise is not clear. This is interesting news considering all the reporting this week of Kristen Stewart as Lois Lane as well as Jessica Biel and others.

In an interview withFilmsActu promoting his new film Legend of the Guardians he revealed that the upcoming remake is an origins story. It will not be tied to the Superman Returns movie which starred Brandon Routh and will have no links with the other films. Zack Snyder says quote;

“The film will focus on early days of Superman, so there will be no links with other films. This is not a remake then. Similarly, although I still can not talk about the script, I can assure you that this new Superman will not be based on a comic book in particular.”

Photos below of these incredibly gorgeous women.

Rosamund Pike from Doom

Rosamund Pike SuperMan


Alice Eve ( no idea what movie this is from but she is clearly gorgeous and works out )

Alice eve Looking Hot!

Diane Kruger in TROY


  1. Rolegio383krjk2

    Rosamund Pike? Not very flattering picture. And “I WAS IN DOOOM!” won’t get you the damn role either.

  2. taffy666

    could be Lana then?

  3. taffy666

    could be Lana then?

  4. Seylavee

    Alice Eve’s image is from the movie She’s Out of My League

  5. I am a big fan of Alice Eve, she is wonderful actress. I watch the above pictures of Alice Eve and induced to watch her black bikini photo.

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