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June 25th, 2018

Lindsay Lohan In Talks for Superman?

Lindsay Lohan SexyI dont exactly count TMZ as a great source of film news but they are reporting that Lindsay Lohan is in talks to star in Zack Snyders upcoming Superman Man of Steel movie. This might seem a tad bit crazy but all things considered its not the strangest move around.

Zack Snyder has cast some interesting characters in Sucker Punch including Disney star Vanessa Hudgens and who is to say he wouldn’t want to try something ‘eye catching’ for Superman.

TMZ reports that it is a major role but it is not Lois Lane. Considering Lindsay is in a bit of heat right now for allegedly stealing a very expensive necklace this comes off to me as a smoke screen to cover up her recent bad press. What do you guys think? Lohan for Superman? For me I say pass!


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