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June 25th, 2018

More Lindsay Lohan Superman Man Of Steel Talk

Linday Lohan Superman Man Of Steel RoleSo about a week ago we reported that Lindsay Lohan was in talks to star in the upcoming Zack Snyder Superman reboot called Superman Man of Steel. Frankly I laughed really hard at how stupid the idea was but it seems this rumor just wont die. An inside source told MSN International that she is in talks to star and that she is in talks to play Lois Lane. MSN is reporting quote;

“It”s true, she”s in the talking stage now. Lindsay wants a part in this movie bad. Ever since news broke that Henry Cavill was cast, she did everything in her power to track down his number and try and set up a meeting with him and the studio,” a source said.

Its a safe thing to say that Lindsay Lohan would die to have this role. Her career is not in a good place by any stretch and her current legal woes are causing her I am sure no end of grief. Can Lindsay Lohan play Lois Lane? Would Zack Snyder really cast her? I feel she lacks the talent but I wouldnt be surprised to see her cast but I do feel its a very long shot. What are your thoughts on these rumors that just wont die? Read the early report on Lindsay Lohan in Superman where it was said she would star but would NOT play Lois Lane.


  1. Jmoo678

    If she is cast in this movie, I will not waste my time or hard earned money to watch this film. My reason for this is, while putting aside the fact that she is an attention whore, a whore, drug abuser, spoiled brat, and a wannabe thief…SHE SUCKS AT ACTING!!!!!!!!! Why would you hire anyone with that resume for a job at McDonald’s let alone a multi-million dollar film with one of the most recognizable names in history “Superman.”

  2. Fd

    Your comment that Lindsay lacks talent is an indication of your lack of information. Clearly you have failed to view even one movie by the one fine female actor of this generation.

  3. Darknessangel1989

    yeah you really haven’t seen any movies of her…..nobody invites you to watch te movie….and she is a rich whore. Everybody makes mistakes…but people like you don;t understand that…I think she is worth another chance and i really hope she is going to get the role.

  4. Jmoo678

    LOL, she said was going to win an Oscar by the time she was 25….So hows that coming along? Also, I am not the only one saying she cannot act, everyone besides her “fans” feel the same way. For example, I hate Kobe Bryant, but I will be the first to admit that he is one of the best to ever play the game of basketball, compared to, I hate Lindsay Lohan and the best thing she every did was a 3rd rate chick flick and the only way she could win an Oscar is if they gave those out for Porn Films. The truth hurt :(

  5. Anonymous

    Uh, she can act.
    Was on a flight and caught the Herbie movie. She walked through most of it, but when there was a couple scenes with Michael Keaton that involved emotion and acting, she was spot on.
    Her earlier work: Parent Trap, Mean Girls, Freaky Friday…she was great.
    The trouble is…she’s acting out…and will continue to until she gets a couple solid years of sobriety behind her. I’m not a “fan” but I do know the difference between someone with the gift and someone without it. More truthful would be the statement: she hasn’t acted well lately. She’s been phoning it in for awhile.

  6. silicobatram022

    Incase no one has noticed Lindsey Lohan is a horrible actress, and will never be attached to a major motion picture that carries the title to one of the biggest pop culture icons. Wake the @#$% up people.

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