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June 19th, 2018

Kristen Stewart Auditioning For Lois Lane?

This morning I wrote up an editorial on what I thought could be 10 Epicly Hot Choices for Lois Lane in the new Superman movie. This hot off the heels of them casting Supes. One of the folks I had on the list was Kristen Stewart and clearly I had no real thought she might be auditioning but Gregory Littley, a Branding Consultant and Creative director has tweeted that Kristen Stewart is involved. via ComicbookMovie we have the following;

I have no clue who this guy is other then he is some kind of social media guru but ComicBookMovie seems to think hes a man in the know. I find this interesting only because of my earlier editorial where I said she would make a reasonable candidate. Your thoughts on this rumor?


  1. guest

    Great choice if she gets this. I like this young actress. There is only a hand full of young hollywood left. Good luck to her.

  2. hell no

    No way. I think that to play Lois Lane you actually have to be able to show emotion.

  3. anon

    Kristen can play any part she sets her mind to, she is a brilliant young actress

    • Lupinepal

      Rubbish….she is the same in every movie. heard of the razzi’s. Well she got nominated for worst actress and I agree.

  4. Dony

    No way. Michelle Monaghan is meant for Lois.

  5. Hannah

    That has to be fabrication. There is no way she would do another blockbuster film soon after Twilight.

    With the Malin and Kstew rumors, Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis has been the talk of the Internets for Lois Lane.

  6. Penny

    I like Kristen but she seems to be into the more smaller indie movies. I wouldn’t mind seeing her try her hand at Lois but I really like the idea of Mila Kunis in the role.

  7. Lupinepal

    You guys have zero clue about the comics. Kristen Stewart is not right for the part. Just because she is “it” as far as the paparazzi and Twilight fans are concerned does not mean she can act. Case in point – Raspberry awards. Mils Kunis is a much more intelligent bet for Lois Lane and a better actress.

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