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April 26th, 2018

Kevin Costner’s Superman Role Revealed

Kevin Costner SupermanJust this morning I told you all about a rumor that Kevin Costner was in talks to take a leading role in the upcoming Superman remake which stars Henry Cavill as the man of steel. Now from Latino Review comes word that he will play Clark Kent’s mortal father Jonathon Kent.

I have been a fan of Kevin Costner’s for quite some time this despite some films that I am sure alot of you consider lackluster. His recent work in Mr Brooks where he played a family man serial killer is by far his best role and demonstrates that he can do so much more then most people peg him for. Regardless of where Zack Snyder puts Kevin Costner in the world of his Superman movie I have confidence it will be a great project.

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  1. Oh, I thought his role is going to be something big. lol Well, simple but not a significant role. But thanks for the information anyways.

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