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May 22nd, 2018

Joseph Gordon Levitts Dark Knight Role Revealed

Interesting news coming from the fan site ComicBookMovie which is reporting via an insider that they know what role Joseph Gordon Levitt is set to play in the upcoming release of The Dark Knight Rises.

We have already laughed at the rumors of him playing Robin and speculated on him playing Night Wing but it seems its a new villain and one that ties back to the first Dark Knight film;

Well he has signed on to the film in a villainous role previously undisclosed until now. Levitt will be portraying Alberto Falcone aka the Holiday Killer.

He is the estranged son of former mob boss Carmine Falcone (portrayed by Tom Wilkinson in Batman Begins) who returns to Gotham to take over the underworld once fiercly ruled by his father before the arrival of Batman.

What do you think of this choice? In other interesting news the film will be shooting in Bucharest this spring and once again Robin Williams name has come up. A hungarian paper  online site is reporting that the whole gang will be in Bucharest filming Dark Knight Rises and Robin Williams is listed as one of those in town to shoot. Not sure what role he will play but perhaps one of you esteemed fan boys can enlighten me in the comments.


  1. guest10001

    “A hungarian paper is reporting that the whole gang will be in Bucharest filming”

    Bucharest is in Romania, not in Hungary…

  2. Reid Kelley

    Robin Williams = Hugo Strange

  3. Nads

    hugo strange !!!!!

  4. Lobo-x

    Why would he play Hugo Strange who is as physically fit as Batman.

  5. Benjamation_69

    Ummmm, but the ACTUAL holiday killer in the comic turns out to be harvey dents wife. and harvey dent never had a wife in dark knight. unless they bring back maggie gyllenhals character somehow. to be honest that poster has a question mark, seems more of a chance he’s playing the riddler.

  6. Benjamation_69

    also am i the only one who has noticed the fact that it clearly SAYS “riddler” on the knuckles in that poster, as well as many tattooed question marks?

  7. Smidgeous

    I laugh at the people above me commenting on the picture
    Did anyone notice the titles wrong, and the year is wrong, and the villain is not going to be in the movie? idiots

    • Anonymous

      smidg is right thats a fan poster. Its a damn good one mind you.

    • Benjamation_69

      Jesus! thats a fan made poster? normally i’d say “why do people waste their time?” but thats pretty good. i retract my statement about the riddler. that being said my holiday killer comment still stands. hope you all have a GREAT day *freeze frame thumbs up*

  8. Monkeyman

    epic fail

  9. Lexavi80

    I do want to belive this but I haven’t seen confirmation in any other site.

  10. dude12

    maybe Robin Williams is playing Riddler

  11. dude12

    maybe Robin Williams is playing Riddler

  12. Myst359

    says riddler on the fingers

  13. Aly

    I love Joseph Gordon Levitt! <3

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