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June 19th, 2018

Full Trailer For Insidious

The people who brought you SAW and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY are getting ready to unleash INSIDIOUS on the public on April 1, 2011 and by the looks of the first official trailer it’s no joke. James Wan directed the film with a script written by Leigh Whannell. WATCHMEN star Patrick Wilson stars alongside Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey and Ty Simpkins.

INSIDIOUS follows a family looking to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a dark realm known as The Further. I think the trailer is pretty great and suitably creepy. For the first time in a long time I’m actually looking forward to April Fool’s Day. Check below for the full trailer and leave your thoughts!

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  1. Wow. The trailer really freaked me out! By the way, I thought I saw Darth Vader’s face there. Lol. But this movie is really one heck of a horror film! Will definitely watch out for this.

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