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May 20th, 2018

The Exterminators Movie Review

Ive always been a sucker for dark comedies and many of them remain my favourite films of all time including but not limited to Very Bad Things, One Night at McCools, War Inc and the recently reviewed Employee Of The Month . Although The Exterminators is not the greatest dark comedy I have watched it is certainly highly entertaining with a unique script and an unusual choice of casting which make it laughable and fun and a good expenditure of 90minutes of my life. Added to the fact I watched it on NetFlix which costs me $7.99 a month and I can stream whatever the heck I want it makes it a cheap offering to!

While attending a court-ordered anger-management class, lonely Alex (Heather Graham) befriends pest control business owner Stella (Jennifer Coolidge) and dental tech Nikki (Amber Heard). Drawing on their overabundance of rage, the women set out to teach the men in their lives painful lessons. Filmed on location in Austin, Texas it also stars Joey Lauren Adams, Matthew Settle and Sam Lloyd.

Heather Graham is one of my favourite actresses and her role in 2009’s The Hangover was simply put fantastic. She has proven over the years she can deliver strong perfamances as was shown in Boogie Nights and The Exterminators is another great notch in her belt! The Exterminators was released directly onto DVD the same year as The Hangover and although nowhere near as funny Heather Graham delivers a strong performance as she transforms from a weak and suppressed accountant to a beautiful butterfly with a killer secret.

The film also stars Amber Heard and Jennifer Koolidge ( the hot mom from American Pie ) who deliver strong performances making the all female ensemble cast a great treat. Up until this film I have never seen Amber Heard show much depth as an actress but in seeing some of her past films like The Ward I have always felt she was much more than just a drop dead gorgeous woman and with The Exterminators she proves she offers a lot more than just eye candy as she is practically incognito in her fantastic role as the sadistic dental assistant with a vendetta. Her next film will be Drive Angry 3D with Nicolas Cage and not to get off topic but if she can deliver half as strong a performance as she did in The Exterminators I will be all over it.

The Exterminators written by Suzanne Weinert and directed by John Inwood has a fantastic and original script with a talented cast which delivers in every sense of the word. Admittedly a bit drawn out and overly dramatic it still manages to entertain despite some jokes that fall a bit flat. The feminist angles, the strong female leads and the unique characters make The Exterminators a great view for fans of dark comedies… even guys like me. A potentially fun date night movie its a great deal and if you happen to be a Netflix users you can check it out on demand like I did right now!

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  1. Jennifer was best in the movie. The concept of this story was innovative and hilarious. I loved it.

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