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April 26th, 2018

First Dark Knight Rises Photo Hits The Web

Considering the script for The Dark Knight Rises is reportedly not even completely finished I was quite surprised when the first set photo hit the web and showed off Arkham Asylum. A user on the Joblo forums posted the photo below from The Dark Knight Rises set with the following note;

“my good mate who is working on set at cardington where it’s being shot sent me this”. The photo appears to be legit, and we’ve heard they’ll be shooting in the Cardington hangars. Check out the full photo after the break and judge for yourself.

Batman on Film has however debunked this photo writing that the set photo below is from 2005’s Batman Begins. So sorry kids seems its a bit early for the first Dark Knight Rises photo. That said there is no reason to expect that this set piece from 6 years ago will NOT appear in Dark Knight Rises at some point. So maybe there is some truth to this report of the first photo, but its certainly not a new set piece.

Dark Knight Rises Set Photo


  1. Oh. That looks really….that looks like it is in a studio? lol But this Dark Knight Movie is really exciting. I am really anticipating this film.

  2., not Batman-On-Film!

  3. most of the sets from the first film are still standing.

    there has been a lot of activity at shed 2 at cardington over the last few weeks, the doors have been open and lots of equipment has been parked out the front.

  4. Arzave

    Mmm I highly doubt that the picture is from TDKR for one reason. Is the same Arkham Building from Batman Begins, otherwise, why is the hole in the wall that the explosion from the league of shadows left when they free the inmates ?

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