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May 21st, 2018

Collections Agency Seeking Former Hollywood Video Customers For Late Fees

DVD rental store Hollywood Video has spectacularly gone down in flames with other similar businesses struggling with the emergence of online streaming and services like Netflix. That hasn’t stopped people around the country having their credit reports hit on ridiculous late fees from the bankrupt business. This is a giant debacle in the making I’m sure.

I had heard rumblings about this happening from some friends of mine that said someone they knew had gotten a letter explaining that they owed money for late fees to Hollywood Video plus interest. I know I’m not the only one whose brow raised when they read that. One case in Arizona a girl had seen her credit report was hit and that she owed the closed business $645. She called the collection agency, National Credit Solutions, and wanted to fight the charge but since the company is no longer in existence, she had no one to speak to about the issue.

The story mentions that the Attorney General of Montana has filed a lawsuit against National Credit Solutions for fraud and deception due to the amounts that thousands of former customers are being asked to pay being “exorbitant and unreasonable.” The attorney general also advises that anyone who receives these requests not to pay the money and instead dispute it.

The other eye opening aspect in this story is that many of the people being sought after for these late fees are only finding out about them when they check their credit reports. Many have not received any other form of information that they were being taken to collections over the matter and now they have a dent on their credit report that could have easily been settled in a more reasonable way and with way less money being asked for. Everyone knows how important your credit report is, especially anyone who has or may be heading out to buy a car, house, apartment etc; so to have what could have been a minuscule late fee have a significant negative effect on something that effects our lives each day is sickening. I know I fully support anyone who doesn’t want to take the issue lightly and I plan to keep my eyes on this issue for any significant news on the subject.

What do you guys think of this news? Have you been affected by these late fee requests?

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  1. Eliz_lopez_02

    I just looked on my credit report and saw a collections request from Hollywood video dating back to 2004. Does anyone know what collection agency they’re using? I tried contacting NCS and they said they no longer collect for HOllywood as of March 2011. Any info would be highly appreciated

  2. Merstacy


    • Eboyd5544

      I wrote arm solutions a letter of dispute and stated if matter was not taken care of I would send a copy of my letter to Calif. Attorney General, followed it up with a call today and was told my letter was received and the account is now closed. I also e-mailed them at with a copy of said letter and requested something in writing from their office that my acct. is closed with no amount pending. Hopefully this will end.

      Sacramento, CA

      • Td4mission

         I just received a letter from A.R.M.  My account was closed before Hollywood Video shut their doors. Thanks for the input. Going to follow the same course of action.
        Sarasota, FL

  3. angryvideolist

    Hollywood Video directly at Movie Gallery, Inc., Hollywood Entertainment Corp., 7405 SW Tech Center Drive, Suite 130, Tigard, OR 97223 or online at

  4. Enessa87

    i just recieved a collection letter of $100.81 Like Merstacy said when hollywood closed i owned them nothing and I see this bill… What do I do???

  5. Seth

    I am am a California attorney.  My law firm, Gutride Safier LLP ( filed a class action against another debt collector for almost identical tactics.  I am interested in viewing a copy of the A.R.M. Solutions collections letter.  Please contact me at  Thanks in advance. 

    • Furious

      Universal Fidelity, LP in Houston, TX is also sending out these collection letters saying their client is “Legal Successors of Hollywood Video”.  I am in Colorado and see postings of this happening in many states.  I called the CO AG, the TX AG, the TX BBB and the FTC and filed complaints with all of them.

  6. Rod

    I got an Universal Fidelity LP notice from legal successor of Hollywood Video in WA state.  It shows my rental history as all not returned and with a balance due of $176.76.  My account was successfully closed when they were going out of bussiness and I owed them nothing.  Universal Fidelity LP closed my acct within their office, however, I still need to send a letter to ” First Term Lenders Liquidating Trust.” Located at 8800 SE Sunnyside Rd. Suite 202N Clackamas, OR 97015 as they have not provided a phone number to UFLP yet.  Do not pay anything towards the supposed amount owed and make sure it doesn’t effect your credit rating.  Numerous states atty gen have taken made sure these bogus reports don’t make it to your credit score ratings, but I think it is a state by state situation.  Make sure to protect yourself from these types of companies triing to manipulate their worth by using you as their income coming in.  Don’t give these bloodsuckers a dime of your hard earned money!! 

  7. Jan

    I received a bill from Universal fidelity and tried to contact them via the phone number listed…No answer just a series of holds and messages that I would be conected to the next agent..Then got dissconected.. I then looked up Universal Fidelity in Houston Texas and got a phone number…When called I gave them the EDM  number at the top of the letter…I Informed them that the Hollywood video in Thornton Colorado had closed in December of 2006 ( I know this because I bought numerous movies and games from the closing store) so I could not have rented movies in 2009 and 2010 from a closed store. They told me that they purged my account from their files but that I needed to send the information to the legal successor…First Term Lenders Liquidating Trust 8800 SE Sunnyside Road Suite #202 N.  Clackamas Oregon 97015…When not finding anything on the web I contacted the legal bar in Oregon and was told that this address is NOT valid. I have also been in contact with ARM ( accelerated revenue management) as they also claim to be collecting funds for Hollywood video…They however WILL NOT give you any information about who the legal successor is for them ( You would think that it would be the same trust???)…So if you have a notice from either one of these companies save yourself a headache and go directly to the state ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE from the state the bill was sent and FILE a complaint.. Texas atty general–512-463-2185…You can also file a complaint on line @  Next you need to contact the FTC at 877-ftc-help and file a complaint with them also

  8. Syl_k65

    I and my daughter have both received billings from West Bay Aquisitions, LLC po box 8009 Cranson, RI 02920..1-888-737-7608. We also do not owe Hollywood video a dime..I called this company and they referred me to send my dispute to the Trustees of Hollywood video 8800 se sunnyside suite 202n. Clackamas, Or. 97015. This is definately a scam..Not sure if I should contact my state attorney General here in Mi or the state att gen in R I and Or?

  9. Syl_k65
    Same here. When I spoke to WBA, they were very rude. I informed the fellow that there were many (more than I can count) complaints about this as I had done my research online. He stated “not sure if you can seriously go by what the internet says”. To which I replied “Well I’m not sure you should put so much stock into a company that went under”. He sure was confident in his job. However, I’m a little more confident since I know whet kind of people these agencies hire. I got the same address.
    I live in Philadelphia, Pa & ALWAYS paid in cash. Not sure who else to call/write.

  10. Carr0808

    I just got a demand from ARM solutions last week- sent an email and letter today …within an hour of sending the email I had a reply back confirming my account has been closed and all collection efforts are ceased for me!

  11. CRPeters

    Almost every state is mentioned in the following ruling stating that debts from defunct Hollywood video creditors cannot be added to your credit report. Furthermore Experian and TransUnion agreed to remove these if they do appear.

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