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April 25th, 2018

Chic is Moving On! Quitter!

You may not all know who he is but he has been writing for our site for a few months now and unfortunately… he is moving on. MoviesOnline is a fan site devoted to all things film.. and sometimes off topic nonsense about the CRTC and random bablings about television but I am getting off course I think. Part of what makes MoviesOnline a fun place to write on is reading the ramblings of the other writers. Chic was one of our regular voices on this site that was sure to make you see things from a unique and often hilarious perspective.

Unfortunately for us he has been promoted at work and can no longer find time to scribble on napkins with lipstick and later turn it in as prose for the news. I want to extend my best wishes to him and wish him lots of luck with his new promotion at work as lead researcher at the covert intelligence base hidden deep in Sector 9.

I myself will be moving on to new and exciting things in the future because of a larger work load at my own day job but in the meantime you are still stuck with me! Chic congrats on behalf of everyone at MoviesOnline. Keep up the good fight and mayhaps he will from time to time still bless us with a rambling or two now and then.


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