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April 19th, 2018

A New Cheaper Alternative To Internet in Canada

Wondering just how bad this new CRTC ruling is allowing telecom companies in Canada to charge customers for using bandwith to download Netflix movies and or watching video on demand? Its easy to work out the numbers but StopTheMeter has a really good break down of just how bad it really is.

This new ruling which I like to call the ‘Netflix Penalty’ because those of us who don’t use Bell/Rogers/Shaw Satellite or Cable are being forced to pay them more since we don’t use them for ‘all their services’. Checkout this fun fact that will make you even more angry over your new found bills

  • A 160GB Drive costs $300
  • Next Day Shipping in Canada is $10
  • This works out to $1.94 per gig ( travel time divided into cost over 24 hours )
  • Your internet provider is charging you $2 per gig when you go over your allotted bandwith (which you will without question if you have Netflix )

Final Result

  • In Canada its now cheaper to have your friend in the USA download material onto a hard drive, ship it to you, watch said material and then throw the drive away…. yep its cheaper to buy a $300 drive, ship it to yourself and then throw it away then it is to use the internet in Canada.

Does this sound even remotely realistic or fair? If StopTheMeter is even half right on their math you should be throwing a complete conniption right now! Visit and sign their petition now! Want to learn all about this insane new CRTC ruling? Read a piece I wrote earlier this week and be sure to also read the comments! Users have weighed in with great feedback and specifics


  1. Where are you spending $300 on a 160GB hard drive? Future Shop and Best Buy both have 1TB or 2TB drives for under $150. And has a 2TB for $99. So, in reality, it is a LOT cheaper to send a hard drive to your friend in the U.S. to fill it up with movies and send back to you.

    • Anonymous

      I think we can agree StopTheMeter has used some numbers that are super high. If we use a $99 price on a drive which you and i both know you can buy one for it just makes their point even more so.

      Only thing I havent figured out is how to use Netflix on a hard drive since Canadians are being forced to figure out how to LEGALLY view movies without getting hosed

  2. Whoa

    In the original image, the $300 dollar drive was a flash based drive, which is why it’s at that price point

  3. Andvark

    Try sending a datagram to your friend ..

  4. Colinparen

    I’m a Canadian in the U.S., could this be a business venture perhaps? :)

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