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May 25th, 2018

Awesome Poster For We Are What We Are

A new poster has surfaced for Spanish film WE ARE WHAT WE ARE. The film directed by Jorge Michel Grau has been showing at film festivals and lots of heads. The film will be opening is extremely limited on February 18th but will be playing on Video On Demand February 23rd.

WE ARE WHAT WE ARE follows a family forced to fend for themselves when the head of their household dies. The task doesn’t seem like much for a normal family, but for this family in particular it becomes quite difficult because they are cannibals. The father has provided them with all of their flesh at this point in their lives and they must find a way to satisfy their ritualistic needs without him.

Below you will find a teaser image from a portion of the full poster. The full exclusive poster can be found at Bloody Disgusting by clicking HERE! As always feel free to leave your thoughts on the poster below!

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  1. Oh That is creepy. People carrying knives, people crying, skin being dissected. Wow. That will definitely be a thriller movie! Nice trailer and poster.

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