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June 21st, 2018

5 Football Movies To Watch On Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us and if you’re like me the stakes are not very high since my team didn’t make the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl. So just in case you’re sitting around trying to get excited even just to endure the game for the annual barrage of commercials, here’s a list of football movies to get you hyped up.

Rudy – Granted it has been quite a while since I’ve watched this underdog story, I always remembered it as a very good and inspiring football story. I’m reminded of the films existence almost every week as I know people that might consider this to be one of their favorite movies ever. Football has never been my sport of choice, but a good sports movie is hard to pass up no matter what sport it is. RUDY is a film that’s often mentioned in TV shows I watch on occasion, so that earns its spot on list of movies to get you in the mood for some Super Bowl action.

The Replacements – I tend to make jokes about Keanu Reeves acting ability here and there, but who doesn’t. I’ve never sat down to watch one of his movies expecting anything more than the usual and the same goes here, but THE REPLACEMENTS is a film that when it’s on cable, I find myself more often than not parking myself on that channel for most if not all of the movie, even though with commercials it drags any movie out to inhuman lengths.

Any Given Sunday – If I had to make a list of all my favorite sports movies, rather it’s baseball or football, ANY GIVEN SUNDAY would definitely be on there. I’m not sure how high or low it would be but I happen to enjoy the film quite a bit. I enjoy the kind of behind the scenes feel the movie has to the life of a football player and coaches and I like the on the field moments of the film even more.

The Waterboy – No doubt this will be the least popular pick on the list, but I had a lot of fun with THE WATERBOY the very first time I saw it; which is a lot more than I can say for many of Adam Sandler’s recent films.  With this pick it’s more about the comedy than the football, but since the comedy involves football I figured, why not just include it.

Varsity Blues – I would say that on that list of all time favorite sports movies that VARSITY BLUES would also easily make it, and I can confidently say that it would be higher on the list than ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. I love everything about VARSITY BLUES, I think it’s a lot of fun and actually has some decent drama in it, but more than anything I love its sense of humor. I like the portrayl of just how into football the town and its people are and how competitive the parents can be about rather or not their kid starts and it’s another film that I really enjoy the on field action during games.


  1. The Water Boy is such a memorable movie. I was a water boy when I was in college and entered the team in my third year. That was a pretty great experience really.

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