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May 20th, 2018

The Last AirBender Is An Award Winning Film Now

Yes my friends The Last Airbender one of the most recognized films of 2010 has finally gotten the recognition it deserves. M Night Shyamalan’s Masterpiece just won for the 2010 Razzies winning Worst Picture of 2010. I can not think of a more worthy winner! M Night Shyamalan also had the distinction of winning Worst Director for The Last Air Bender and the film actually cleaned up in a new category made specifically for 2010 ‘Worst Eye Gouging Mis-Use of 3-D’.

To completely clean up The Last Air Bender not to be undone also won Worst Screenplay. Unfortuntately M Night Shyamalan did not star in the Last Airbender or he might very well have won in just about every category possible.

Other noteable winners from the 2010 Razzie Winners are:

  • Worst Supporting Actor: Jackson Rathbone, The last Airbender, Twilight Eclipse
  • Worst Screen couple/ Worst Ensemble: Sex & The City 2 Cast
  • Worst Prequel / Remake / Rip-Off / Sequel: Sex & The City 2
  • Worst Actress 2010: Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Worst Supporting Actress: Jessica Alba: The Killer Inside Me

Thoughts? Do you think there were more worthy contendors for these esteemed awards? Sound off in the comments.



  1. How the fuck did Twilight not ‘win’ more?!

  2. I think the things that might made this suck are the things that are not included in the movie. I mean, there are lots of things that should be included in the movie. Like Zuko’s scar!

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