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September 23rd, 2018

Walking Dead Season 2 Updates

The Walking Dead front is still very much quiet but some new news on characters we will and will not be seeing in Season 2 of Walking Dead have hit the web. We still do not have solid confirmation on when it will be coming or what storyline to expect but Laurie Holden did confirm that we will see Hershels Farm and meet the sword wielding Michone in Season 2.

Frank Darabonte also told USA Today that The Governor would not likely appear in Season 2 which frankly makes sense since no doubt they want to work with AMC to line up a Season 3 of The Walking Dead.  Walking Dead Season 2 Darabont has revealed would take us into the second book and introduce some of the fantastic winter visuals that Volume 2 of Walking Dead did so well. Walking Dead Season 2 will be 13 episodes as opposed to the 6 episodes in the first season.

Although there is still no confirmation early buzz has Season 2 airing in July rather then October to help boost an otherwise flat period in AMC’s ratings. Frankly I think that it is becoming clear this wont be happening since we are slowly running down the clock on the amount of time it will take them just to shoot and assemble the show for a July airing date. Either way July or October Walking Dead Season 2 is going to be the highlight of my TV watching this year.


  1. shona

    when does it start

  2. LindseyF.

    Why is it taking so long to get season 2 started? I liked the first season, and I’m very excited to see the second season to start…

  3. Emilygantoine

    I am sooo obsessed with The Walking Dead . It is one of the best Zombie things I have ever seen on television . I am always looking for new zombie movies or shows . I wonder why they dont make more zombie movies bc I def think that they would be popular =) . I cant find any good movies . If anyone knows of any good zombie movies feel free to let me know =) ( in other words pls lol )

    • Fishsticks256

      zombie land, shaun of dead (commedy) , resisdent evil idk if u consider it zombies but its awesome on youtube the series “bite me” is hilarious,

    • Fdgfd

      if u dont mind reading subs u should try watching the spanish movies rec, rec2

  4. Shiner421

    Why are people so into zombies? they are not scary (in any form ive seen yet) and unless your mentally retarded they would never catch you, they are virtually harmless and not the least bit scary / cool. Someone clue me in as to why people would want to watch not scary harmless monsters and get a thrill out of it?

    • Doug

      It’s about them causing a massive shit storm and let’s face It, We are American’s we love violence and shooting, Enough said!

    • Kimba

      Take a look at Dead Snow and some of the European zombie movies. They are way more scary.

    • Jackson Stone

      Sure, when they’re alone you can kill them like they’re a joke. But when there is 20 or 30 who’re hungry? You’d end up sloppy “Joe.”

  5. Bryanvgr

    Shiner…they are scary in the way a whole bunch of spiders are scary. Its the numbers thing. I find the ramifications more interesting/scary than the zombies themselves. I.E, the uncontroled spread of the virus…

  6. The first season is cool. I hope the second season will be much cooler! I am quite excited about it as well. Does Walking Dead had a commercial in the Super Bowl?

  7. rye

    Rigamortis sets in and makes zombies stronger plus Shiner u vs a zombie i vote zombie. The thing people like most about zombie stories is the survival. Survival is what makes us human.

  8. Theodorus kurniawan

    when it’s come in to fox channel

  9. John Peter

    I want more…… rahhhhhhh

  10. blitz

    for me,The Walking Dead is the best zombie genre since romero’s “the night of the living dead classic”

  11. Samuelswayne

    i cant wait

  12. Pync

    who do u think will win zombies or the umbrella virus

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