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May 24th, 2018

The Total Recall Remake Will Not Be On Mars

If you haven’t seen the Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi flick “Total Recall”, this picture will not be nearly as funny to you as it is to me. Actually, even if you’ve seen it, it may not be funny to you. However, there can be no denying that “Total Recall” is some fantastic Ahnold action cheese. I’ve seen it recently and the effects don’t hold up, the script is completely ridiculous, and it has the audacity to feature Sharon Stone and she does not take her clothes off. That, my friends, is bogus. Especially 1990 Sharon Stone. I mean…wow.

Not bogus is the news that the remake of “Total Recall” will not go into outer space. That is according to producer Neal Moritz, who said that this movie will stick much closer to the Philip K. Dick book “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”. Two more pieces of good news? One, the movie will not be filmed in 3D as Moritz claims that the format “is dumber than the offspring of Karl from ‘Sling Blade’ and Forrest Gump”. Okay, he didn’t say that. I just don’t like 3D.

The second good news nugget is that Moritz confirmed that Colin Ferrell is going to star in it. As a self-professed guy with a man crush on Ferrell, this is great news. There’s really no reason at all for Ferrell not to be a huge star. I’m certain that the only thing holding him back in the past was his propensity to like to party…with cocaine, whisky, and strippers. That sometimes puts a damper on you putting in a solid work week.

Source: Collider


  1. Mcgdg

    ehhhhhh…………. That does not stick to the original story better at all? In the short “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”, he might not actually travel to Mars, but Mars is an integral part of the story.

  2. Ewokrock

    Mars is an integral part of the story. thats it . thats all. i love colin ferell too! in bruges! london blvd! epic stuff. but putting him in TOTAL RECALL was amazing to me.. then came the heart breaking deal breaker…. NO MARS. no cohegen and tirbinium, no three titted alien mutant chick. no gratuitously violent mars soldiers. no awesome sci fi movie then. good job not having 80% of why total recall was awesome for my dad and i to watch over the decades! now i could give a rats ass if i see it. im totally downloading it now.. f that.

  3. Mceffend

      ive seen the trailer …im a projectionist  the original is better by far …thats why this remake requires lots and lots of cheez…….. but what the hell i’ll watch the P.O.S.

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