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June 19th, 2018

RUMOR: Jurassic Park 4 Filming At Universal

According to a post and a picture send to Theme Park Adventure’s twitter feed the long rumored JURASSIC PARK sequel is filming out at Universal. The picture depicts a January 9th shooting schedule and Theme Park Adventures swears that the photo is legitimate. With the posting of this picture it’s likely that rather or not the rumor is true will be confirmed or denied very soon. Real or not I still am holding out hope that a new sequel does get put into production at some point because the JURASSIC PARK franchise is one that I am always happy to revisit; and with my other personal favorite franchise dishing out its own sequel this year (Scream 4) that start 2011 off on a pretty exciting note.

There are currently no other details regarding the legitimacy of the filming rumor, except for tour guides describing an area being constructed with a large blue screen for a “top secret blockbuster” but didn’t make any mention of JURASSIC PARK 4. Head on over to Theme Park Adventure for more as well as pictures of the area with the blue screen being set up, and feel free to leave your thoughts on the possibility of a JURASSIC PARK sequel.

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  1. Universal has confirmed that JURASSIC PARK 4 is not filming on the backlot nor is JURASSIC PARK 4 anywhere near shooting. Joe Johnston was attached to direct and he’s quite busy at the moment with CAPTAIN AMERICA. No cast is involved with JURASSIC PARK 4 and there’s no crew. Perhaps just some small pre-production meetings every now and again while a script is developed.

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