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May 25th, 2018

Mr. Kobayashi Himself, Pete Postlethwaite Dies

There are certain actors that people immediately recognize as being familiar to them, but they can’t recall their names. Pete Postlethwaite was one of those actors. He succumbed to a long battle with cancer yesterday and passed away at age 64.

Postlethwaite was Academy Award-nominated for Best Supporting Actor as Daniel Day Lewis’ father in “In the Name of the Father”. As an actor that Steven Spielberg once called “the best actor in the world”, he may be most remembered as Keyser Soze’s lawyer, Mr. Kobayashi, in “The Usual Suspects”. The guy just radiated cool, calm, and collected in that small, but yet unbelievably memorable role. He was most recently seen in very small roles in “The Town” and “Inception”.

According to IMDB, Postlethwaite is the only actor to speak iambic pentameter for “Romeo + Juliet”. This is probably because he was the only actor truly capable of doing it. At age 64, it is far too young for the world to be robbed of a very talented actor.

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