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June 20th, 2018

Movies to Watch for in 2011

Just in case you’re not sick of reading the plethora of lists circulating on the web I’ve decided to churn out yet another. 2011 is now in full swing and while the movie lineup for January looks pretty week I anticipate as I do every year that it will pick up substantially. My biggest concern and hope is that 2011 be a comeback for quality horror films; so much so that of the movies I’m about to list for my most anticipated for the year the majority of them are horror. I never doubt I will see dozens of high quality films that are comedy, action drama etc., but horror is my personal favorite genre and after the weak lineup in 2010 I’m really hoping to be blown away. Below you will find my picks for movies I will be keeping an eye out for in 2011 either on DVD or in theaters. As always feel free to indulge your picks for the New Year or thoughts on the films in my list.

Red State – Kevin Smith has had quite the year recently; after the Southwest Airlines debacle, the haters coming out in hordes to criticize him for comments about movie critics and bloggers and just the all around hatred for COP OUT, I’m really hoping RED STATE at least eases his struggles. I’m a big fan of Smith and his movies, although I was not thrilled with COP OUT. I have high hopes because I absolutely loved the teaser Smith released on his Red State of The Union podcast recently. RED STATE is due to make its premiere at Sundance and likely in theaters shortly after, hopefully.

Insidious – The boys that brought us SAW are coming back with a supernatural horror that I’ve read nothing but good things about thus far. I try not to buy into hype as much as possible and avoid letting advanced opinions seep into my subconscious to the point it affects my viewing of the film, but I research and anticipate movies so far in advance that reading about them obsessively is the only way to satisfy the desire to see it before it comes out. Look for INSIDIOUS to spook us on April Fools Day.

I Saw The Devil – Only in the last few years have I been subscribing to the love for foreign cinema. Foreign horror has been keeping the depression of US theatrical horror from getting too unbearable. Asian horror/thrillers are the only ones I haven’t watched many of and I again have read glowing opinions on I SAW THE DEVIL. I have not read anything specific about the film regarding plot but I’ve seen lots about the brutal violence and that it was nearly banned in its home turf so that alone got its blip on my radar.

The Loved Ones – I’ve already had a chance to talk about my distaste for the handling or mishandling regarding any type of solid US release either in theaters or on DVD for THE LOVED ONES [Scared Stiff: The State of Horror]. It’s another film with a lot of great buzz surrounding it and I’m really hoping that early 2011 will bring me my wish and it gets an early year release; but I’ll settle for ANY time in 2011 just as long as it gets released at some point this year.

Thor – To be honest I’m getting a little worn out by the abundance of superhero movies. Since my love of BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT, IRON MAN, and KICK ASS my interest seems to have peaked. We’ve seen them done horribly in the FANTASTIC FOUR movies for example and IRON MAN 2 didn’t hit near the same highs as the first. I’m not abandoning ship just yet and I know very little about the character of Thor, but I am pretty sold so far based off the trailer that was released.

Super 8 – I remember sitting in the theater to see the first TRANSFORMERS and that mysterious trailer of the explosion in the distance in NYC followed by panic on the streets as the head of the Statue of Liberty was hurled onto the street with a giant scratch on the face, but no title followed the trailer. I googled till I couldn’t feel the tips of my fingers trying to find anything I could about it. As we all know that movie turned out to be CLOVERFIELD, a movie that had an insane amount of hype before its release. Now with the teaser of SUPER 8 many people assumed it could possibly be a sequel/prequel to CLOVERFIELD but it doesn’t appear to be, so my excitement hasn’t hit the obsessive Google search just yet, but give it time.

Source Code – I haven’t read anything about the plot and I still have yet to see the trailer. Why am I anticipating it then? The answer is simple; after MOON the next feature by Duncan Jones was going to be a must see for me, no questions asked.

Scream 4 – I’ve said it once and I’ll say it as many times as I have to until I actually see SCREAM 4; after MY SOUL TO TAKE I have little faith that this sequel will be as great as I want it to be. I may be setting myself up for heartbreak by looking forward to it so much, but I’m hoping for the best and come release day I will enter the theater with an open mind and ready to see Ghostface do some stabbin.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon – Ok, so REVENGE OF THE FALLEN was long, loud and leaking immature humor and bad jokes out of every orifice; but man were the special effects pretty sweet. It’s hard for me to not have a little fun watching giant robots beating the motor oil out of each other, but even I have to roll my eyes as leg humping racist robots with giant swinging lumps of metal simulating testicles and the idea of a robot heaven. Over the summer I vacationed in Chicago (Unashamed Cubs fan here) and while walking we stumbled upon the set and from what we saw it looked pretty cool, so I’ll give it a go.

Lastly here’s a brief list of films I am NOT looking forward to:

Fright Night (Remake)
The Green Lantern
The Roommate
The Smurfs
Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son
Gnomeo & Juliet


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