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April 26th, 2018

Miss March Movie Review

I recently watched a documentary on CNBC Titans that focused on Playboy and their new attempts to breathe life into their brand by allowing people to use the Playboy name and this likely plays a big part in Miss March which features a cameo by Hugh Hefner and of course revolves around a girl who becomes Miss March and her high school boyfriends attempts to reconnect with her.

Starring a cast of relative unknowns Miss March is a fun jaunt down chuckle lane with some good laughs, interesting characters and new angles on the age old ‘road trip’ buddy comedy. A truly unique and dangerous angle on this movie is that the co-directors Zach Creggor and Trevor Moore who also co-wrote the film also star in it. Normally unless your Kevin Smith this is a disaster waiting to happen but surprisingly it works for the most part. I do feel with a more talented cast and more experienced directors the film could have been all that much better but by no means did they underperform

Featuring interesting cameos including Hugh Hefner himself Miss March is a fun buddy flick that will make you laugh and make you groan and very likely keep a smile on your face long after you turn it off. Best comparison I can make for this movie is Superbad meets The Girl Next Door with a sideorder of Pineapple Express. Not as funny as Superbad but definitely better then The Girl Next Door Miss March is a fun film that shows that indie comedies can be just as equal to their big block buster counter parts.

Over the last week I have checked out a ton of comedies including Date Night, Going the Distance and The Break Up and without question Miss March is better than all of them. If you’re looking for a semi-raunchy good time buddy flick that will make you laugh then Miss March fits the bill. Its playing on Video On Demand right now but if you have Netflix you can check it out on NetFlix On Demand for no charge other than your membership fee of $8. I almost paid to see it and was glad I double checked Netflix before I did. Well worth a rental!


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