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May 21st, 2018

Lethal Weapon Remake Train Keeps Chugging Along

Feel however you want to about the current situation Mel Gibson has gotten himself into, but it’s tough to deny the greatness of Martin Riggs. He and Danny Glover were so perfect together that we were forced to endure two sequels too many in the “Lethal Weapon” series. Actually, this may be another one of the few film series’ in which the sequel is better or very close to outdoing the original.

Yes, I’m one of the many people who is a fan of “Lethal Weapon”. That being said, the remake of the intended original movie is about as bad an idea that I can think of. Not only does it further the notion that about 2% of production companies are concerned with original product, it puts an actor in a very precarious position. I mean, how can anyone match the chemistry between Gibson and Danny Glover? Impossible. It was lightning in a bottle. Not only that, but the actor playing Riggs will only be seen as a massive copycat. How else can you play Riggs? It has to be the same crazed, bug-eyed, wheels off performance that Gibson gave. Otherwise, he’s a total bore.

Need more proof of Hollywood unoriginality? The article I’m about to credit also mentions there are remakes in the works for “The Wild Bunch”, “Tarzan”, and “The Dirty Dozen”, among others. For God’s Sake. Please just make it stop.

Source: Total Film

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  1. Swatseat

    What that hell is wrong with Warner Bros What happened to creativity and originality? Guess they ran out!!! Have they even talked to Richard Donner about this?

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