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April 20th, 2018

Kevin Smith’s Hit Somebody Adds Kyle Gallner

Kevin Smith’s latest film RED STATE has yet to make its premiere, but his other often spoken of film HIT SOMEBODY is also starting to take shape. Smith has already announced on his Red State of the Union podcast other casting news and he’s now come out saying that Kyle Gallner (RED STATE, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, JENNIFER’S BODY) is also cast in the new film. Gallner is said to be playing a Wayne Gretsky-esque type of character, which with Smith’s often audible love of hockey and Wayne Gretsky, it’s not surprising he’d want a character that possesses Gretsky’s attributes.

Smith is hard at work pimpin RED STATE before it graces the eyes of an eager Sundance crowd. HIT SOMEBODY was penned by Smith and based off a song by Warren Zevon. Smith has already cast fellow RED STATE alum Nicholas Braun in the upcoming film as well.

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  1. Danny Mac

    It’s GretZky with a “Z”

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