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May 26th, 2018

Javier Bardem To Play Roland in Dark Tower?

According to several sources, Universal and Ron Howard have decided who sits atop their wishlist to star as Roland in “The Dark Tower” movie series. No, it’s not my favorite choice of Viggo Mortensen, but I can definitely get behind this choice. In fact…yes, I think it’s a fantastic pick.

Yes, notoriously unattractive man Javier Bardem is now leading the charge to play the time traveling gunslinger on what will be a landmark entertainment event. Not only will there be movies, there will be a TV series featuring the same cast. Whomever decides to do this is pretty much giving up years upon years to really focus only on this project. I always felt that a more unknown actor would only be willing to accept such a role, but it sounds like Bardem may actually say yes.

Do you think he and Penelope Cruz have their Academy Awards beside each other? That would be so cool. Also, will their offspring be the most beautiful human beings to ever grace this Earth? The DNA combo alone gives them about a 1.4 million percent better chance alone.

Source: New York Post


  1. I think even if he is not the most not so attractive in Hollywood, he can do great on that project. Let’s just wait and don’t judge until we not see the movie.

  2. Mile

    Actually, I saw his movies. The guy is… Unbelievable! Whoever made this choice, he chose the best man (and only) who can play Roland. I can’t wait to see this.

    Btw, I’m a huge – H-U-G-E Stephen King fan.

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